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Welcome to our website dedicated to personality test. Here you can take an interesting personality quiz containing 30 questions. For those who want instant insight, a personality quiz can be what you want. With ability of determining an individual's predilections, passions, strengths, weaknesses, skills, etc in just a few minutes, this personality quiz is really an appealing one. In the era of instant gratification, the task for an individual to gain knowledge about his or herself can be done easily by sitting down in front of a computer to answer some multi-choice questions. With the rapid development of the Internet, the popularity of these personality quizzes has boosted in huge quantities, offering people the ability to know what they want to be at most, what you should expect in the future as well as which city to live in.

personality The history of such quizzes dates back to the year of 450 BC, the time of the Greek physician named Hippocrates who believed that there are four main fluids composed of human body, namely phlegm, blood as well as yellow bile and black bile. Such fluids were dubbed as human’s 'four humors'. The ideas of Hippocrates were set forth in 190 AD, when Galen, another Greek physician, proposed a theory of the connection between the four humors with human behavioral patterns, and that the reacts of people are different from those of others according to a wide variety of levels of such four fluids existing in their bodies. In addition to Galen's theory, there is also the study of temperaments as well as explanations concerning how one can be categorized into certain behavioral genres such as melancholy, phlegm, sanguine and cholera. Wihelm Wundt, the founder of the very first laboratory of psychology, believed that body’s fluids were never the major factor to determine an individual's temperament, and such four humors were really better thought of when he or she is expressing a wide range of aspects of his or her personality. Hundreds of psychologists, following Wundt's research, took further his study of human behavior and led to the overplus of information on patterns of human behavior.

A personality quiz has its roots based upon the quizzes’ structures which are created by behavioral psychiatrists. For many years, doctors and scientists alike have used these quizzes with the hope to gain insight on how our mind works. These quizzes can also help people learn how some people may react in many different situations. This is the reason why a lot of companies provide personality quizzes as part of the pre employment processes. Many employers use these quizzes to determine the potential employees, to indicate where weaknesses and strengths lie, and what tasks they may excel at and what skills they may be lacking.